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Empowering the world of Pharma Machineries

We are pioneer in pharmaceutical machines to produce various drug forms for customers with an aim of providing sustainable and cost-effective manufacturing in the life science industries. We create optimized and flexible manufacturing facilities by our scientific approach towards designing and executing pharmaceutical facilities that cater to all future requirements of our customers. Our pharmaceutical engineering experts give a knack that drive the world with superlative techniques and simple solutions to complex problems thereby uplifting lives worldwide We execute machines spotlessly within shortest possible timeframe coupled with our unique project management.


Sustainable Engineering

Engineering for a better world

The company fosters sustainable business practices and contributes to the protection of the natural environment by offering its customers efficient products and process solutions. As a rule, the technologies and processes they employ are energy- and water-intensive, which is why energy and water savings as well as reductions in emissions or waste increasingly impact customers’ investment decisions. For this reason, our ambition is to come up with more solutions that drive the more efficient use of resources. Lower consumption of resources, less floor space, extensive energy recovery potential, ease of operation, in turn the latter have a direct and favourable impact on climate-relevant emissions and the protection of natural resources. Our business depends on products and solutions that are more efficient than previous generations and, thus, reduce environmental impacts


Business and governance

Advancement Through Technology

Manufacture of medicines and drugs represents one of the world’s most stable growth markets and is expected to grow continuously over the coming decades, Bodhi Innovations has a particular responsibility to its investors. Our focus is on growth, operational efficiency. Bodhi Innovations primary objective is to sustainably increase enterprise value by achieving profitable growth.Bodhi innovations give importance to Quality, efficiency and safety, and the appropriate conduct within the framework of business activities. Our adherence to basic compliance standards, including occupational safety and environmental protection in the supply and value chain, ensures the necessary trust required for long-term business relationships.We protect the privacy of every individual whose personal data are processed by the company. This includes employees, customers, suppliers, other contracting partners as well as job applicants.


Product Range


We offer a comprehensive product portfolio for your pharmaceutical solids, liquid, Ointment production