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B/607, Unique Aurum, Poonam Garden, Mira Road (E) - 401 107, Thane, Maharashtra, India.

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Bodhi Pharmatech Private Limited is established with the objective of manufacturing and marketing machineries for the pharmaceutical, laboratory, hospital, food, beverage, and cosmetic industries. Bodhi Pharmatech Private Limited is diligent in production of equipment’s that are energy-efficient and reliable with high performance levels while being compliant, at the same time, to cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) and various regulatory requirements.

Our entire manufacturing process is MRP-driven (Material Resource Planning) with controls at every stage ensuring proper integration and monitoring of all procedures and systems. We don’t compromise on any aspect of quality or service linked to the final product.

Our Mission

To offer the most innovative, highest quality machines and provide the support and assistance you require keeping your company on the leading edge of your industry.

Our Vision

To lead the field of machinery with par excellence in global markets.

Our Policy

Ethically binding policy, we target, and commit ourselves to achieve Right Quality, Timely Services and Excellent Workmanship and install the machines that meet international cGMP standards.



Bodhi Pharmatech Private Limited is an independent representative for an elite class of pharmaceutical machinery and related equipment manufacturers. We pride ourselves in only representing the best manufacturers that lead their fields in quality, service and innovation.

We have combined our knowledge and resources to successfully integrate our machinery solutions into many industries including pharmaceutical, laboratory, hospital, food and beverage, cosmetic and agricultural industry.

We offers to our customers Includes

World class GMP standards | Excellent Aesthetics | Customer support | Customization | Quality.


The ever-changing environment of today's process manufacture often requires equipment’s that is designed to meet their needs. "Bodhi Pharmatech Private Limited" takes a positive and flexible approach to solve these changes. Thus, Bodhi Pharmatech Private Limited can undertake Custom-design and build machines especially suited to the individual’s application.

Our Achivement


We offer a comprehensive product portfolio for your pharmaceutical solids, liquid, Ointment production